Welcome to Big Boy Plastics Injection Moulders

We are Big Boy Plastics. We, the people, are the company together with all its assets and capabilities. We are a vibrant and dynamic South African company, essentially making profit, but also having an underlying core to provide work and give back to the country as our corporate responsibility. No, we are not hippy gangsters. We are Big Boy Plastics.

We manufacture different plastic products such as furniture, engineering components and consumables. We export to most Southern African countries and beyond. We pride ourselves in the virtues of quality primarily and value for money in our manufactured products.

Our core business is injection moulding, but we also have some extensions into extrusions and blow moulding. We provide custom manufacturing and our OEM offerings have been used extensively by various businesses.

We can go on and on about how brilliant we think we are. And really, we can go on and on, but that would make us more like other really unscrupulous companies out there. We are really rarely stumbled upon. Just try our products and let them do the talking because we are different. We are Big Boy Plastics.